Read and write stories. This class brings together all of the aspects of our programming and takes students on an outward and inward adventure. We will read books that traverse the universe of emotion and use what we learn to create how we interact with the world. The Empowerment Factory offers several tracks for the Reading Adventures Class. In each model students work together to create community artwork, talk about how to work together effectively, and live with empathy.

Reading Adventures: The Jester’s Journey

Students read and write stories, work together to perform plays using puppets you make yourselves, along with making crafts and kindness cards. Each week we will read a different illustrated children’s story that prompts a class discussion about a variety of social and emotional concepts, such as kindness, feelings, positive thinking, perseverance, acceptance, empathy, and diversity. Reading Adventures will take you on a journey of art, literacy, creativity, and mindfulness, building on our social emotional skills and fostering a love of literacy, open mindedness, and civic pride.

Reading Adventures: Trash to Treasure

Students read and write stories, engage in discussions, and collaborate on fun, hand-on art projects with environmental themes including the importance of recycling, reusing and repurposing materials. Over the course of this program, students come to understand the complete life cycle of an aluminum can, the issues posed by single-use plastic, and how their everyday choices impact the planet. They will learn how to use special hand tools to upcycle cans and bottles into colorful artwork that make a statement about resourcefulness. Children will make individual pieces of artwork as well as contribute to a public art installation highlighting recycled materials.

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