Pollinators Garden at Baldwin Elementary

Initiated by The Empowerment Factory (TEF), the school pollinator garden at Elizabeth Baldwin Elementary School, resulted from the cooperative efforts of The City of Pawtucket, Landscape Elements, Unilock and Yardworks. The garden was created as a focal point to enhance the surrounding Woodlawn community with natural beauty and to inspire local youth, families and educators to come together to propagate knowledge of local ecology. Designed as an outdoor educational space, the garden will be used to provide experiential learning activities related to life
science studies and environmental literacy.

Vegetable Garden at Baldwin Elementary

The Empowerment Factory(TEF) helps maintain the raised-bed vegetable garden at Elizabeth Baldwin Elementary School. After students read about soil enrichment, seed planting and the growing of healthy foods, hands-on garden activities help the students reinforce their learning; they implement and observe the actual processes, and they reap the real rewards of their hard work. Such relevant real world experiences give more meaning to academic studies and provoke the curiosity to want to learn more.