Combining Creativity, Literacy And Environmental Education

The purpose of this literacy-based workshop series is to increase knowledge about the food chains and food webs and how they model the workings of a healthy and cooperative community. Did you know that a single insect could be so important that without it many other species would no longer exist, including humans? Likewise, each individual human being affects the health of their surrounding community. This program empowers students and teachers with richly-illustrated books, information and ideas they can use in building a better community through the creative mediums of writing, puppet play, gardening and public art. The book Rachel Carson and Her Book that Changed the World, along with the related group activity of practicing and performing with animal puppets, sets the foundation for understanding community engagement. Workshop activities can be readily adapted to any grade level 1 through 8. Creative arts projects are incorporated to help the students to visualize and better understand the creative process of cross-pollination. Students will work individually and in teams.

Modules are adaptable to all ages, grades 1-8 and can be presented as one-day (3-hour), three day (2hrs/day).