Connecting Social Emotional Learning, Creativity, Literacy And Environmental Science

The purpose of this literacy-based workshop series is to increase knowledge about trees and how they affect both our social climate and environmental climate. Did you know there is healing power in trees? Many scientific studies have shown the beneficial effects of trees on mental and physical health. And, there are over 50 jobs related to urban forestry. This program empowers students by showing how there are many ways one can make a big difference in neighborhoods with trees. The book Living Sunlight, along with the related team activity of modeling photosynthesis with Play-Doh, sets the foundation for understanding the importance of light, earth, water and air to creating, sustaining and enhancing life. Workshop activities can be readily adapted to any grade level 1 through 8. Creative arts projects are incorporated to help the students to visualize and better understand healthy environments that promote greater social and emotional well-being. Students will work individually and in teams.

Modules are adaptable to all ages, grades 1-8 and can be presented as one-day (3-hour), three day (2hrs/day).