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Do you care about the environment? Do you ever wonder what you can do to reduce waste?

Currently, about 3,800 tons of trash are buried in RI’s Central Landfill everyday. At this rate, RI’s only landfill will reach capacity by the year 2034. How can we extend the life of the Central Landfill?

The Empowerment Factory’s “Trash to Treasure” program was the winner of the 2019 Program of the Year by Rhode Island Environmental Education Association. This program aims to educate Rhode Island youth on how they can play an active part to make their communities more environmentally friendly. This program is incredibly flexible and has been offered to elementary through high school aged students. The workshop can be one or three days and the workshop varies in length of time. Depending on program funding, a field trip to the recycling center may be incorporated

Each workshop begins with Mindful Moments where we use our breath and intention to focus on the present. Following this we use artful picture books about manufacturing, waste management, recycling, reusing and repurposing to educate students about why being mindful about the environment is important and how they can help conserve resources at home, school, and their local communities. Then we use special tools to upcycle aluminum soda cans and plastic bottles into colorful artwork that makes a statement about resourcefulness, a fun way of teaching students about reusing items and reducing the amount of trash going into landfills. During this program youth will make individual pieces of artwork and if funding allows we will make a piece of artwork to stay at the school or organization. At the end of the program we come together as a team and make one lasting piece of artwork that will be displayed at the place where we created it or given to the funder to display at their discretion.

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