Blending Creativity with Self-Esteem and Civic Pride

The purpose of this literacy-based workshop series is to establish a solid foundation for developing effective social and emotional skills. Did you know that words have magical powers? Words are used by people every day, yet most people have no idea how powerful words are. When spoken aloud words carry energy, sound and frequency, which are some of the building blocks of matter. This program empowers students and teachers with vocabulary, games, art projects and other opportunities for self-expression to help build positive self-awareness, transformational communication skills and meaningful relationships. Workshop activities can be readily adapted to any grade level 1 through 8. Creative engagement helps students to better understand self-management and self-empowerment, why these matter and why he or she, the student, matters. Students will work individually and in teams.

Modules are adaptable to all ages, grades 1-8 and can be presented as one-day (3-hour), three day (2hrs/day), after-school 8-10 weeks, or summertime programming.