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Community Arts Program - Providence

This after-school program meets once a week for seven weeks. Each session begins with mindful moments to get centered and calm. Then, we read an illustrated children’s book, prompting a collaborative discussion about a variety of social and emotional concepts, such as kindness, positive thinking, perseverance, acceptance, empathy, and diversity. The book is followed by an art project that relates to the topic and closes with positive affirmations and self-reflection.  

We are so pleased to offer students this journey of art, literacy, creativity, and mindfulness, building their social emotional skills and fostering a love of literacy, open mindedness, and civic pride.  This Community Arts Program empowers recreation youth, staff, families, and other community members to deepen their connections to themselves and to each other through restorative practices. 

April 21 – June 2, 2022  (click to register)
Thursdays 4pm – 5:30pm
Sacket Recreation Center
159 Sackett St. Providence, RI 02907