Writing Kindness Cards

The Writing Kindness Cards Project is an ongoing initiative that invites members of our community to write hopeful messages on Kindness Cards to be delivered to elderly living in senior centers and nursing homes in Rhode Island. Volunteers are needed to write messages in various languages. The Kindness Cards were created with the artwork of children who participated in our Monthly Creativity Contest. Children from all over Rhode Island responded to a variety of topics, including Friendship, Teamwork, Happiness and Gratitude. 

Our community heroes, volunteers and community members have reminded over 700 seniors in 10 Rhode Island senior centers that they are loved and always in our thoughts.  

We are pleased to be part of a community that cares. Share your talent, joy and loving messages with others. This volunteer opportunity is eligible for community service hours. We welcome volunteers from our Rhode Island community as well as from across the country. Please fill out our volunteer form.

Find inspiration on our youtube video about the project. Click here to watch on YouTube or find the video below.

“THANK YOU for the Christmas Cards that were dropped off for our residents! Written to English, Spanish, and Portuguese speaking residents!!”
-Oak Hill Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing (Pawtucket).